This is a picture of core samples from the area. The core would normally be nice round tube-like samples of rocks, but these samples oxidize so readily that they overflow and even break their boxes that they are held in.
Here is a picture of the same type of rock. Here you can see it is breaking a metal box that contains it.
Picture is of oxidizing pyrite containing rock that is out in the open. The pool of water behind is of color that would be representative of concentrations of copper sulfate. The smell is similar to a messy car battery.
Here is a picture from the same location as above showing the flooded subsidence pit. As you can see from some of the trees, subsidence and earth movement still occur at this location. Planning, observation and planning for closure are methods in place to avoid similar environmental tragedies such as this from happening with modern mining.
Old shaft house in the Iron River area.
Picture of an old county road that is closed to thru traffic. The road was positioned over an unmapped old mining stope that collapsed early one foggy morning. Unfortunately the subsidence was responsible for a fatal crash when drivers went down the road on the same foggy morning and plummeted into the subsidence pit.
Subsidence pit near the county road subsidence, and similar to what the above road subsidence pit would have looked like before workers filled it in again. The walls are quite steep, and you can grasp the change in environment by realizing that all the ground there used to be level with the top grass layer.
Old Shaft "Cap". Modern shaft caps are by design, quite sturdy structures. They have to be. A mine shaft can be a dynamic system. Underground collapses may cause a sudden surge of pressurized air or water through the shaft systems, that have blown seals off of old shafts and adits. I'll mention that if you find an old mine cap, DO NOT STAND ON OR NEAR IT!!! Not only can the cap fail, but the ground near it may be unsupported. If you walk on unsupported ground, you can fall through with fatal results.

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