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I became deeply interested in airplanes at a very early age.  I learned all about the basic principals of flight and piloting a plane.  When I was 9 I had my first flight lesson.  I was so small that I sat on two pillows and had an additional 3 pillows behind my back just to get me up to the controls.  Even so I still had to strain to see over the instrument panel of the airplane.  For takeoff I had to look out of the side window to make sure I was going where I wanted to.  Once I was up in the air, the feeling was amazing.   

I don’t have any video of that flight, here are some photo’s from it.

Curious about what flight is like? Contact AOPA or EAA for a good starting point.

Links to some of my favorite airplanes and areospace designers

Van's Aircraft - RV

Burt Rutan - Lots of people should be familiar with this designer after the success of Space-Ship One. Take some time to look at his past achievements as well. Burt Rutan definitely has an original creativity in his designs. Like Leonardo Da Vinci, he studies nature and uses its secrets in his designs.

Spacex - Pushing the boundaries of space travel and technology

Lancair Aircraft -These sleek and speedy planes come available in either homebuilt blueprints or finished products available completely assembled. Maybe someday I will build or buy one, but that day isn't yet.

"Kelly Johnson" - One of the greatest aircraft designers. Ever hear of the U2? SR-71 Blackbird? Skunk Works? Kelly is originally from the same backwoods area that I am from. Short Biography on Kelly