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From Merriam-Webster Inc. "French, from Latin turbin-, turbo top, whirlwind, whirl, from turba confusion -- more at TURBID

: a rotary engine actuated by the reaction or impulse or both of a current of fluid (as water, steam, or air) subject to pressure and usually made with a series of curved vanes on a central rotating spindle.



Turbines are used in many applications. Turbines have been used in heating systems, electrical power plants, airplanes, hydroelectric dams, dentist drills, cars, and many other places. Turbines can be found in many different sizes, from micro to mega.

The turbine featured on this page was built from junk yard scraps. I along with my good friend Sam Barros designed and built this turbine.The turbine and compressor come from an old junked diesel turbine engine. The test stand is an old honda generator stand. For the oil system, a car transmission radiator and a power steering pump were used.


Disclaimer: This page is for entertainment and educational purposes. Many of the projects featured at Motor Joe's are dangerous. Motor Joe is not responsible for your actions and does not recommend duplicating featured projects. Whenever you venture into experimental science, explore the risks involved and proceed at your own risk. That is what I do.

The turbine runs!

The engine ran on its very first day of testing. Although we took a while finding the different parts for the turbine-jet engine, the actual assembly and initial testing were conducted on a single Saturday. Starting up the turbine was a little risky, but I felt it was worth the risk. Our method would have been very unpleasant if our combustion chamber would have failed. As it is, our turbine is rather robust, and apart from singeing all the hair from my hands and head, everything was fine. In the pictures (on the slide show above) you can see the flames surrounding Sam and I. Sam actually had to use burn cream for some of his 'encounters' with the turbine. We did anticipate getting singed. We knew what would happen when we started our turbine in that manner, we just really wanted to get it running.

The fuel systems

The turbine takes a lot of fuel to generate any substantial thrust. Initially I used propane for running the turbine, later I used a combination of propane and diesel. I have a video of testing the propane system out. If you watch the video, you will be able to clearly see when I go from gas to liquid propane. Although in the video, the propane extinguished itself, once the system was put into the turbine, it ran quite well.

Next Step

The turbine runs, but it needs to go on a vehicle. To do this I need to buy some more parts and spend some more time in the workshop. If you are interested in helping my get to that goal, please donate towards the cause. Every dollar helps. When you go through the paypal process, just add in the note section what it is you would like to see at Motor Joe's and I'll get the note. Many thanks to everyone who has helped in this venture so far.

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